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Years ago, I learned a great holiday decorating secret from a florist friend of mine.  Using premium faux greenery as a base, he would create beautiful displays by mixing in bits of fresh cut greenery, berries and other fruits.  This tip has made decorating simple, added an elevated look to my Christmas decorations and saved money over years of use.  I have discovered a source that is producing some of the most beautiful faux floral items I have ever seen.  Their Magnolia leaves have a rich, tonal green color, a waxy sheen on top and a velvety, golden suede underneath.  I love the classic, Southern elegance Magnolia garland, wreaths and bouquets present at Christmastime, but lush, realistic, faux Magnolia like this is hard to find.  In the South, we are quite familiar with real Magnolia and a flat, dull representation isn’t worth any price.  For a limited time, I will be offering a selection of my holiday décor favorites featuring hand-arranged faux Magnolia from a premium source that you will enjoy for many years to come!  Add in your own decorative elements, lights or simply attach a graceful bow. 

Happy Holiday Decorating!


If you decorate in early November, consider how well this greenery will compliment your Thanksgiving decor.  Magnolia and Boxwood are season-less leaves which marry well with Spring and Summer flowers, too!  Use the QUICK VIEW on your desktop to zoom.

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